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Is it ok to say that?

Internet is not a rights free space. Hence, national and international laws and regulations are applicable.

Freedom of expression is an important right. Although protected by the Luxembourg constitution, it comes with duties and responsibilities. There are legally binding limits to respect, with the mission to protect the rights of other persons.

For instance, a transgression of limits would be a call for hatred and/or violence against a person or groups of persons due to a certain characteristic such as:
  • Origin

  • Skin colour

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Sexual orientation

  • Gender adaptation / Transgender

  • Family situation

  • Health situation

  • Disability

  • Customs

  • Political and philosophical views

  • Union activities

  • Real or perceived belonging to a specific ethnic group or nation.

(Article 454-457 of chapter V of the Penal Code)